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Phenology of honeybush (Cyclopia genistoides and C. subternata) genotypes

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Author list: Motsa Mlamuli M., Slabbert Margaretha M., Bester Cecilia, Ngwenya Mzabalazo Z.

Publisher: Elsevier

Publication year: 2017

Journal: South African Journal of Botany


Volume number: 110

ISSN: 0254-6299


No information is available on the phenological phases between and within genotypes of Cyclopia (honeybush). This information is important to understand the timing of plant development and growth, species co-existence, and growth dynamics of the genus. The study spanning 2 years determined the monthly genotypic variation, the time of the start of a growth phase, and duration of budding, flowering, fruiting, and seed dispersal in C. subternata and C. genistoides. The results indicated differences in phenology between and within species and that initiation period among individuals of a phenological phase is inversely proportional to that duration of that phenophase. Budding, flowering, fruiting, and seed dispersal peaked in the months of July, September, October, and December, respectively. Compared to C. genistoides, C. subternata genotypes had a shorter time (days) from start of observation to start of flowering (25.9 versus 51.2), fruiting (46.1 versus 61.5), and seed dispersal (96.3 versus 110.0). However, the duration (days) of flowering (13.2 versus 24.3), fruiting (45.6 versus 52.2), and seed dispersal (4.3 versus 8.9) was shorter in C. genistoides. Using observational qualitative analysis, phenology of these Cyclopia species was categorised into three groups; early, intermediate, and late. The findings serve as a platform for investigating factors affecting the reproductive phases, morphology, and physiology in these and other Cyclopia species. It will assist farmers and researches to time crop requirements and management practices, thus having practical implications in the cultivation of the species.


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