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Characterising the environmental risks of coal preparation wastes: A study of fine coal slurry waste
and discards from South African collieries

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Author list: Moyo A, Amaral Filho J, Harrison STL, Broadhurst J

Publisher: International Mine Water Association

Place: Pretoria

Publication year: 2018

Start page: 417

End page: 423

Total number of pages: 7

ISBN: 978-0-620-80650-3


In order to be e ectively managed, the risks associated with wastes arising from the primary
production of coal and other mineral resources first need to be well understood.
This paper demonstrates the application of a combination of laboratory-scale tests and
analytical methods to characterise the potential environmental risks associated with
typical coal production wastes from South African collieries. The results indicate that
the compositions and properties of these wastes are highly variable. The need to consider
the time-related nature of the acid generating behaviour and the potential availability
of metals and salts has also been highlighted.


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