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Indoor Positioning Using Auto Sextant

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Author list: Zar A, Zaidi Y, Winberg S

Publisher: IEEE

Place: Cape Town, South Africa 15-17 February 2019

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 182

End page: 188

Total number of pages: 7

ISBN: 9781538679739


This paper reports on the construction of an automated mechatronic sextant utilized in determining positions
relative to multiple observed objects in open spaces. The design is based on the basic principles of the conventional mariner’s hand-held sextant. The device operates indoor or outdoors where it exploits the celestial presence of the sun. Image processing algorithms are applied to detect object features from which position coordinates are determined. The device is within 0° to 4° accurate for objects of different shapes and patterns when placed at similar elevation and range. The device can be used as a backup to the more sophisticated
positioning systems that require extensive infrastructure to make an accurate location determination.
Keywords-angle; celestial; image processing; indoor navigation; position; sextant


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