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9th International Conference on Communities and Technologies


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Editor list: Cech F, Tellioğlu H

Publisher: The Association for Computing Machinery

Place: Vienna, Austria

Publication year: 2019

Total number of pages: 371

ISBN: 978-1-4503-7162-9



C&T focuses on the notion of communities as social entities comprised of people who share something in common; this common element may be geography, needs, goals, interests, practices, organizations, enemies, or other bases for social connection. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the design of new ICTs, and the (re)design of older technologies can support community formation and development by facilitating communication and coordination among members, as well as enable and empower communities to work towards their goals. We must also acknowledge that ICTs are used in processes that degrade communities and community life; some ICTs could actually be antithetical to healthy communities; and some communities actively work towards oppressing others through their use of ICTs. For these reasons we value critiques of existing systems, approaches, communities, policies, and trajectories. xii Communities may transform through efforts to secure a more equitable society, a healthy and diverse environment for future generations. However, transformation may lead to other types of outcomes, unforeseen or unacknowledged. The theme of transforming communities raises a number of questions, issues, possibilities and tensions and we encourage submi


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