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Accurate Lumped Convective and Radiative Heat Exchanger Model for Performance-Based Modelling

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Author list: Fuls W

Place: Rome Italy

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 1

End page: 8

Total number of pages: 8


Various process modelling tools offer the user with a simple convective heat exchanger component that
requires the design-based process conditions as inputs. The models would then calculate an effective overall
heat transfer factor and make use of gas flow mass ratios to scale the UA value for off-design conditions.
These models assume that the contribution of gas radiation is insignificant, hence only applies convection scaling laws. This paper presents an improved model which also considers the contribution of the gas and particle radiation, as is often encountered in the first few heaters in coal fired boilers and heat recovery steam generators. A simple design ratio of radiation vs total heat is needed from the user, and the model will then determine an equivalent radiation term and use it to calculate the radiation contribution accordingly for off-design load conditions. The model’s performance was validated against a discretised tube-level heater model that solves the fundamental convection and radiation terms. The model is accurate within 1% for the cases
considered, as compared to more than 20% error if radiation contribution is not considered.


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