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Nikon Ti-E Inverted Microscope with Double Port FRET System

​The MCB Microscope Facility houses a Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope with Z-stacking capability, and a motorized stage and CO2 incubator for live imaging of cells and FRET analysis. The Nikon Ti-E microscope is equipped with a top quality colour camera to capture bright field, phase contrast and fluorescent images from 4X to 100X magnification from live cells, as well as fixed samples. The microscope is also equipped with two, low light, cooled EMCCD (Electron Multiplying Charge Coupled Device) monochrome cameras for simultaneous detection of FRET signals. Phase contrast and Normarski DIC optics facilitate the acquisition of high contrast and high resolution images at low magnifications. Narrow band filter blocks allow fluorescent imaging in the UV, FITC and Texas Red range.

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